With our team of talented technological and business experts, we can take on your toughest software challenges in just about any field. But we really excel in the healthcare and retail industries. We’ve got skilled professionals at Smart Data with extensive backgrounds in these trades, and we’re happy to put our collective knowledge to work for you.


Smart Data has the business acumen and technical experience serving our friends in the healthcare industry to ensure your healthcare organization has every resource available when creating developing your software. This has become one of our biggest sources of new clients, and with the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, it’s no wonder. The Smart Data team can build a system that works for your business and keeps you ahead of the curve (and your competition).


From the doctors and nurses assigned with direct patient care to the office specialists and technicians who keep patients informed, hospitals have massive amounts of data and complex systems to navigate. Smart Data can help hospitals keep track and organize their data so it’s readily accessible and useful for those responsible for saving lives, as well as patients themselves. We can create web and app software that will empower your patients to help manage their health care, and streamline processes for your staff.


In today’s growing e-commerce economy, everyone from small businesses to home operations needs to accommodate a seamless user experience to maximize sales. A clunky website or a poorly designed app can make for a negative purchasing experience. Convert more one-time shoppers into loyal customers with a website or app that generates a satisfying experience.

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