Every problem demands a unique solution. The Smart Data collaborative approach ensures a seamless transition to your company’s custom creation. Here’s a snapshot of the types of high-end products our team can develop for you.

icon-devicesWeb Application Development

Your organization has its own workflow and processes, and Smart Data will create websites and applications that integrate with those components to improve user experience (UX). Smart Data works directly with our clients to fully understand your business needs, and we work directly with you to solve problems in easy-to-use applications.

icon-mobileMobile Application Development

PhoneGapApache CordovaXamarinWindows MobileAndroid SDKAndroid Studio

The tech team at Smart Data will build current-generation web applications featuring instant update abilities, offline capability, no-refresh pages, and other benefits. Our designs are responsive, meaning your site or application will work no matter what device is used. We can also create a mobile application out of your existing website. Our experienced team is capable of developing an app that best fits your needs, including:

  • Native mobile apps (available on app stores)
  • Business-to-business mobile apps
  • Business-to-consumer mobile apps

icon-eyeUI & UX Design

How your members or customers interact with your website or mobile app can leave a lasting impression on your business. Happy members and customers start with a pleasant user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Wireframing, Accessibility, And 508 Compliance

Great web design starts with extensive industry knowledge and harnessing user habits. Design should take into consideration not only how typical users interface with the site but ensuring a wide, diverse range of users find your site or application easy to navigate and can find what they need quickly. This is especially important if your business needs to maintain 508 compliance. Our team is skilled in navigating these legal parameters. Color, contrast, size, and movement can all come together to create a site or app that is attractive, functional, and compliant with the law.

Wireframing is the nitty-gritty aspect of optimal UI and UX functionality. This is your site or app’s blueprint that provides a high-level view of how your content will be organized. Building a strong foundation ensures a solid UX.

icon-targetCustom Software Solutions

Working closely with our clients is how Smart Data identifies potential software solutions and troubleshoots issues before they happen. Our research and development services can help identify inefficiencies and can make changes to existing technical infrastructure, providing our clients with scalable, low-defect, and highly functional software. Our teams offer deep experience and great perspective on risk, cost/benefit analysis, and best practices for product development.

icon-chartData Transition and Transformation

Many businesses make the mistake of collecting and storing vast amounts of data that doesn’t do its job. Smart Data breaks down segregated, contrasting data and converts it to useful information. Now your business can extract insights into support decision makers. We have expertise in everything from data architecture, business intelligence (“Big Data”), complex business application data model design, data warehousing and reporting, data analytics, administration, and conversion.

icon-lightbulbIT Consulting

Thanks in part to our collaborative approach, Smart Data has transformed many clients into partners, with whom we continue to work to develop new products and innovative solutions for their everyday software needs. Our team can identify opportunities for improvement and make recommendations that work with your business’ processes for optimal results.