State of Missouri

Case Compass has approximately 500+ users from across the State, including personnel from Central Office, Central Registry Unit, five regional offices and associated county-level offices, as well as, other business partners, such as Office of General Counsel and Division of Regulation & Licensure.

The application also integrates with 19 data interfaces in the form of web services, file transfers and HTML data captures to include: Department Client Number (DCN) Common search/add/ update, Medicaid Eligibility, Care Plan data from multiple legacy systems as well as MO Health Net Division (MHD)/ HCBS Web Tool, Address Broker and GIS locator, Department of Mental Health (DMH) provider & consumer data, Employee Disqualification List (EDL), Professional Registration & Federal Exclusion websites, Sex Offender Registry, Family Care Safety Registry, and ASPEN–a Federally regulated Long Term Care system.


  • Provide and expedite response for protective service clients
  • Consistent and quality intake of abuse, neglect and exploitation reports
  • Implement objective standardized assessment tools for protective service
  • Enhance communication between service providers, state agencies, and other care coordinators
  • Statewide transparency of protective service cases
  • Improve workload management by using an automated rules engine to provide immediate response and increased objectivity for protective services
  • Provide a comprehensive provider profile which will track aspects of a provider/vendor to include Employee Disqualification List (EDL) situations
  • Streamline the business process and create efficiencies in workforce development and performance to serve the Missouri citizen

The Solution

CaseCompass was successfully implemented statewide in 2011 and supports staff and management in the delivery of adult protective services. This new solution replaced at least five non-integrated legacy automated applications.

The Results

The Case Compass system contains two significant modules (Intake, Investigations) which provide benefits and efficiencies, including:

  • Electronic comprehensive workflow and scheduling
  • Centralized intake (using standard code sets and classifications)
  • Automated protective service forms and assessments (which utilizes a content management system)

Case Compass replaced several nonintegrated legacy applications (Adult Protective Service Database, Hotline Database, and Staff & Equipment Directory).

CaseCompass has been a highly customizable and valuable tool to expedite response, enhance quality & improve oversight of our services.

Program Manager, State of Missouri