The Problem

When working with patients, doctors are required to document all procedures and medications they administer to the patient during their visit. iDocData is a software that Smart Data developed to help doctors quickly and correctly document complex surgery and office procedures and produce the appropriate documents required for each appointment.

iDocData replaced an antiquated and inefficient product called Medidoc that was used by orthopedic surgeons at Kettering Hospital in Dayton OH. Medidoc’s owner brought Medidoc to Smart Data in early 2015, with ambitions to take the product from its small use by a handful of surgeons, to an enterprise product that could be marketed to large hospital networks.

Medidoc development started more than 10 years ago was already based on an obsolete Java/Eclipse infrastructure that required a significant configuration effort for each user. Medidoc user interface was seriously outdated, and inefficiencies in its architecture caused significant performance problems beyond a tiny scale of a handful of users. Medidoc feature set evolved over many years costing millions of dollars.

While Smart Data recommended rebuilding, the threat of failure and/or excessive cost was very concerning to the product’s owner based on past experience.  The product owners insisted that Smart Data “just help prolong its life” for some time.

How We Helped

Smart Data initially spent several months working with Medidoc in small iterations. The technical need to rebuild the product using  modern technologies was clear, but the budget and business plan to take it to market was not yet ready. We worked patiently with the Medidoc team, in collaboration with their business development leadership, to focus our limited budget on repairs to critical functionality and eventually produce a simple “proof of concept” prototype of a potential new web based solution.

Our work over the past year,  gave iDocData leadership confidence in our abilities and the prospective customers in their pipeline were clearly requesting a web based solution to match their IT environment. When the effort reached the point of critical mass in the fall of 2015, we started planning a complete, “from the ground up” rebuild of Medidoc under a new iDocData name.  As with many new products, iDocData leadership wanted to use that opportunity to introduce several new “killer” features in their product in order to make it even more appealing to their customers.

Smart Data assembled a small team of developers, a product owner, and  QA engineers to rebuild the entire product. Rebuilding would include a brand new web based SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution and enhancing it with all the new “killer” features needed to make the product great. The Smart Data team decided to base their architecture around proven open source technologies like React.js, Node.js, and PostgreSQL, all running in Docker containers hosted on Amazon AWS. This approach resulted in a dramatic cut to the time required to complete the entire project, allowing us to deliver a production-ready version over the following 4 months.

The Results

  • iDocData was ready to replace Medidoc in production within four months of initiating the build.
  • The new product was designed for high performance and scale.
  • New user set-up time was cut to a fraction of the time required for the old one.
  • The iDocData rebuild was done by fully engaging the owner which resulted in a product with a great rich functionality and a great look and feel.
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